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DARCI Decision-Model 

11-30-2022 01:30 PM

A framework for defining roles in a decision-making process.

  • Decision-maker: Gives final approval. May be individual or group, (for example a management team or coalition lead team.)
  • Accountable: Manages the project. This individual may not do much of the actual work, but they ensure it gets done. A project can have only one ‘A’. The ‘A’ can have other roles, such as being the Decision-maker and/or perhaps being Responsible.
  • Responsible: Get the work done. Sometimes different people are Responsible for different parts of a project.
  • Consultant: Who needs to be consulted – in a timely, meaningful way? At which points or for which specific elements?
  • Informed: Who needs to be informed about the project and when? Informed people do not weigh in or consult on the project.


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