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Nonprofit Financial Commons 

10-27-2022 11:03 AM

Long time partners Nonprofit Quarterly, Propel Nonprofits, and BDO FMA, created the Nonprofit Financial Commons – a rich portal and peer community where nonprofits of all sizes and types can find and share information and tools to help them act strategically on their own financial models. “Commons” are resources created and held by and for a group of people who manage and sustain them for individual and collective benefit. 

"The work of the Commons will cluster around not only familiar practical questions, but also the next horizon of strategic financial practice for nonprofits and funders. The peer community is equally important for both knowledge, practical direction, and leadership support through online forums and connecting points."

The Commons includes a wide range of resources including articles, spreadsheets, case studies and videos on financial analysis, budgeting and cash flow management, financial modeling and more.

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